The code you received is not working.
Make sure you open the text message. If your phone is locked, the number displayed on your home screen can easily be mistaken for the verification code. You must open the text to view 6 digit verification code.

Codes are only valid for 30 minutes. If it has been more than 30 minutes since you received the code, you must request a new code.

You have not received the verification code.
The verification code should only take a few seconds to get through to you, but please allow up to a minute.

If you are not receiving the code via SMS / text message, try retrieving the code using the call to phone option.
You are prompted to enter two factor authentication multiple times from the same device. Ensure that the Remember this device check-box is selected. If you change between browsers, you may be prompted with two factor authentication multiple times from the same device. Two-factor authentication looks at both your device and the browser you are using to log in. If you regularly use multiple browsers, we recommend you take a minute and authenticate them all to minimize your challenges in the future.

You are using the same code on multiple devices.
The same code cannot be used on multiple devices. When signing into your account from a new device, you must request and enter a unique verification code.

Still having trouble?
If you are locked out of your account or still experiencing difficulty with two factor authentication, please call customer support for assistance. You can reach our customer support team by clicking the Contact Us button.